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We search the market and collect quotes on your behalf from multiple home and auto insurance carriers - making it easy for you to decide whether to renew or switch carriers.

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Click the "Lower My Rate" button and upload your current policy. After that, we shop and compare prices from up to 40+ insurance companies.

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No problem. Instantly and securely send us your home or auto policy documents in under 40 seconds, or provide us with some basic information using this online form.

We shop and compare prices from up to 40+ insurance companies

Spoudaios searches the market and collect quotes on your behalf from multiple top rated carriers - making it easy for you to decide whether to renew or switch carriers. Takes less than 24 hours.

Top quotes and personalized policy breakdown

In addition, to helping you save money, we include a personalized policy review of your current coverages and ways to save on your insurance without compromising important coverages from a licensed insurance agent.

Ready to switch?
We make the process of switching insurance simple and frictionless for our clients. We'll even cancel your current policy for you.

Personalized recommendations

No commission-driven decisions. No hidden fees. We explain coverages and provide recommendations based on your needs.

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Is the policy review really free?

Yep. It's 100% free.

Are you an independent agency?

Unlike a captive, or direct insurance company who only offers their own proprietary products, our agency is 100% independent of any one company.

What policies do you review?

We currently provide policy reviews for home, auto, renters and life insurance policies. We do provide commercial policy reviews upon request.

How long does this take?

We can have everything back to you in under 24 hours from receiving your policy documents (excluding weekends).

Does it matter which carrier I use?

Use any insurance provider you'd like to store your policies, and get renewal rates from our appointed providers.

Also, we'll let you know if it's cheaper just to stay where you are.

Can you help me switch my policy?

Yes. We'll do all the paperwork to help you switch. We want to make the insurance process as convenient as possible for our clients.

Can I talk to someone?

Of course. Feel free to call us to discuss your policy, coverages or try to stump us with insurance questions.

What about future renewals?

We help remove the hassle of shopping for insurance at every renewal. Simply click the "Lower My Rate" button in your dashboard anytime your policy is about to renew, or have us do that automatically for you.

What are the perks to using?

Get expert help from licensed agents, get help with claims, get paid for referrals, keep all of your policies in one central location and save lots of time having to shop insurance on your own.

How do you make money?

Great question. We are a licensed insurance agency in the state of Texas. As your agent, we earn commissions from the insurance companies we work with.

Organize and manage all your policies and claims in one place.

Organize and manage all your policies, coverages, deductibles, documents, and ID cards in one single place.

Our active clients can file claims, renew policies, view their insurance ID cards and get paid for referrals.